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Ozone ORP Meter/PH Meter OZORP1000

Ozone output: /
Power: /
Voltage: 230V AC
Size: 98×105×150mm

Ozone ORP Meter/PH Meter for swimming pool / fish farm /sewage water purification

Brief introduction:


This small wall-mounte ORP meter is used for ozone measuring and controlling.

The LCD digital display makes it easy to set up and read for ozone water treatment applications.

It uses the Platinum or Gold electrode, which reversibly looses its electronis to the oxidizer (ozone) .

It measures very small voltages that generated with a probe placed in the ozonated water.

It is an ideal solution for you to control your ozone doing to the water automatically.





1 . With a probe that be placed in the ozonated water

2. The electrode of the probe is made of Platinum or Gold
3 .Can measure small voltages that generated from the probe.

4. Available for on-line measurements (24 Hours)

5. Available for water pressures <30 psi



Ozone ORP Meter/PH Meter for swimming pool / fish farm /sewage water purification

Product details

ORP Measuring Range 0~14pH  -1000~+1000mV
Control method ON/OFF relay tip
Resolution ratio 0.01pH 1mV
Control range 0~14PH
Definition ±0.01 pH 1mV
Stability ≤0.02pH/24h
pH adjust range 0±4.5pH slope±30%
Output signal 4~20mA
Temperature compensation 0~99.9°C
Output signal load MAX ≥10MΩ

What is ORP Meter?

ORP Meter is commonly used in measurement of Water Disinfection. ORP stands for Oxidation-Reduction Potential. So what is that? The best definition is that “ORP is a measure of the cleanliness of the water & its ability to break down contaminants”. It has a range of –2,000 to + 2,000 and units are in “mV” (millivolts). 


Properties and effect:

Since ozone is an oxidizer, we are only concerned with positive ORP levels (above 0 mV).

ORP sensors work by measuring the dissolved oxygen. More contaminants in the water result in less dissolved oxygen because the organics are consuming the oxygen and therefore, the lower the ORP level. The higher the ORP level, the more ability the water has to destroy foreign contaminants such as microbes, or carbon based contaminants. The chart on the below identifies ORP levels for various applications.


ORP Level (mV) Application
0-150 No practical use
150-250 Aquaculture
250-350 Cooling Towers
400-475 Swimming pools
450-600 Hot Tubs
600 Water Disinfection *
800 Water Sterilization **

ORP level can also be viewed as the level of bacterial activity of the water because a direct link occurs between ORP level and Coliform count in water. The chart to the right lists ORP levels and relative Coliform counts. 

ORP Level Coliform count in 100 ml of water
200 300
300 36
400 3
600 0