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Ozone Destructor

Ozone output: 0
Power: no need
Voltage: no need
Size: 20*200mm


MINI ozone destructor for high ozone concentration

Brief introduction:


This smart design Ozone Destructor is made with high purity of ozone catalytic materials for ozone therapy applications.


It converts ozone into oxygen rapidly and without emitting any toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide.


What's more, it uses the Luer Lock Connector for quick coupling.


This product is ideal to be used with the Ozone Generator (MODEL# APSO0.2-D NP, with ozone concentration from 8-85 mg/L)






1. High purity of catalytic material

2. Luer lock connector for easy installation
3. Converts ozone into oxygen in high efficiency

4. No need power

5. 100% ozone resistance material


High quality ozone destructor for ozone therapy applications

Product details

Application to remove extra ozone
Material ozone catalytic material
Power no need
Connector Luer lock connector
Tube Size 20*200mm
Net weight 0.1 kg
Product Keywords ozone destruct system