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Ozone output: no ozone
Power: 60 w
Voltage: 110/230 V AC
Size: 210 x 193 x 480 mm


HEPA: Adsorbs particulate down to 0.0003MM like pollen,drifting          dust and germs with purification efficiency more than 99.97%.

Activated carbon: Formaldehyde is colorless gas with a strong irritating smell which iswidely used in architecture and it is carcinogens .Activated carbon could purify formaldehyde at  a rate of 96.2%.

Photo catalyst: It is highly effective to decompose the harmful &toxic gas in air and kill the viruses in air .The sterilization rate and purification rate of TVOC are up to 98.2% and 97.3% respectively .

UV lamp: Air is the main media for the spreading of influenza. Air purification is an effective method to influenza prevention .With UV sterilization technology ,the rate of sterilization of natural germs is up to 97.6%.

Ion: Negative ion is praised as “Air vitamin” in Medical Field. It can improve human metabolism immunity if you live in high negative ion environment 8 million negative ions will be generated per second to form a ion group.