Human tolerance for ozone

Ozone and humans

Ozone is a toxic gas, after inhalation it can cause sickness if inhaled in sufficient quantity.
Humans can stand a limited exposure of ozone, symptoms like dryness in the mouth and throat, coughing, headache and chest restriction can occur and nearby the lethal limits, more acute problems will follow in a higher concentration.


* 0,06 PPM for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (PPM = Parts Per Million)
* 0,3 PPM for maximum 15 minutes
These limits are a Maximum Acceptable Concentration (MAC), these concentration are much higher than the odour threshold at which ozone can be smelled.


All ozone generators should be equiped with ozone monitors and a safety system which shuts down the generator at 0,3 PPM. Best is also to set up an alarm at 0,1 PPM so people can take action in time.