Why is a high ozone output so important?

A high parts per million concentration is a MUST to kill bacteria and  Mold Spores!An ozone generator should have the ability to perform a High Ozone Shock Treatment which is designed to kill bacteria and remove  serious odors such as mold.
Any set and forget air purifier that only puts out an ozone level no higher than a 0.1ppm is not capable of achieving a high enough ozone level to  effectively kill germs and remove serious odors. Ozone levels below 0.01PPM cannot kill bacteria efficiently. With a true high powered ozone generator you can SHOCK TREAT unoccupied rooms to kill bacteria, and mold in specific sized rooms.

Ozone naturally decays back to oxygen in about 30 minutes to an hour. Because of that fact an under powered machine will not have the ability to develop a high enough ozone concentration in an area to kill bacteria. Ozone is constantly reverting back to oxygen so that it may never have a chance to build to an effective parts per million level to do much good.