How to use ozone for air purification?

For air purification the unit should be placed on  the opposite side of the room, away from the occupants.The idea is to have it purify the air between you and it, and to not breathe directly out of the machine.Ozone is heavier than air so that mounting the unit up high is wise. Using a fan to properly distribute the ozone throughout the room is helpful.
Start by the ozone level on lowest setting, and work the ozone level up slowly as needed.The ozone level will dependent entirely upon the size of the area, and the severity of the odor problem, or number of smokers in the room.Adjust ozone level so that the air smells fresher and problem odor can not be detected. Ozone will begin by having a fresh, sweet, rain type odor. This is the level recommended for air purification.


There is no reason to turn the ozone level higher at this point. If too much ozone is present the air will begin to have a bleachy, chlorine smell. If it begins to smell like that it means that the ozone level is set to high for air purification and should be at a lower ozone setting. 

If there are 10 smokers in the room, and 9 leave, the ozone level should be turned down.If the ozone level is not turned down when the bleachy smell is detected people may notice throat and nose irritations as well as a headaches.As the odor is removed from the area the ozone level should be turned down.If a bleachy irritating odor is present, the ozone level is set too high! If the air smells bleachy turn the ozone generator off.If the odor returns or you want to make the air smell fresh again turn the ozone generator back on it's lowest level.