Is ozone safe?

Due to its different chroma, ozone can either be toxics or medicine. It exists minim in nature (0.01-0.05) and it is important to protect the environment. Many countries establish the safegaurd of ozone, e.g, within 0.1ppm (8hours/10 or 5 minutes ) about 20ppmm, even people under such circumstance have no harm. Because ozone is made of oxygen and reverts to pure oxygen, it vanishes without trace once it has been used. Compare this with other disinfectants. When ozone disinfects or breaks down harmful bacteria or pollutants, there are generally no by-products, unlike most disinfecting agents. Ozone in heavy dosages are not recommended but low levels of ozone are safe. Our natural air purification systems are designed to be below U.S. regulatory limits for ozone. There is no danger associated with ions. The air purification systems are designed to bring ozone levels of a room to that of a forest.