Ozone Fish/Aquarium
Ozone offers many benefits as a disinfectant. It acts on contact to eliminates 99.999% of all bacteria, viruses, and molds, thereby removing the chance of biofilm and slime from forming in the first place. Its bacterial disinfection mechanism works by oxidizing the bacteria cell wall and membrane, causing cell lysis and impairing cell functionality. Bacteria and microorganisms cannot build a resistance to ozone. Ozone exhibits a short half-life before reverting back to oxygen, its only by-product, and leaves behind no residue.


The use of ozone has long been a standard practice in industrial and public water purification plants, and large scale   public aquarium/fish pond filtration, as one of the best and most efficient means to increase water quality, while   still being able to promote water conservation.   How do I get ozone, and how do I use it in my aquarium/fish pond? Ozone needs to be generated as needed with a device called an ozonizer or ozone generator.  Most modern unit...
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