Ozone Therapy (Medical)

Ozone Therapy (Medical)

Ozone Therapy is a medical therapy that has been used worldwide for over 50 years with dramatic success and safety. It is being adopted more and more by formally 'traditional' medical practitioners. It is clear that Ozone Therapy works, and it is becoming one of the most useful tools in medical clinics across America and around the World. 

Ozone as a therapeutic Medical ozone is always a mixture of purest ozone and purest oxygen. According to its application, the ozone concentration can vary between 1 and 100 μg/ml (0.05 – 5 % O3). So if there is no oxygen tank with your ozone generator, then try to use oxygen concentrators. Most doctors in the USA refuse to make therapy ozone from normal air, since that ozone won't be the proper concentration and the ozone will not be pure enough to use for Ozone Therapy.


For different Ozone Therapy Protocols, the ozone concentrations the 'strength' of the ozone, to be used will be slightly different. Refer to the table below for the differences.


Note: It is noted in the literature that all individuals using ozone therapy should also ensure adequate amounts of Vitamins B (complex), C, E, A, (& Beta Carotene), Zinc, Selenium, and some have recommended N-acetyl-Cysteine, and Copper. Please ensure that you take these supplements either a minimum of 6 hours before using ozone, or at least 1 hour after using ozone).